Yesterday, on 2 February 2017, TASS news agency announced about starting manufacturing parts for”Federation” manned spacecraft in 2017. Spacecraft will service and replace Soyuz-MS in 2021 and will be first Russian manned spacecraft send to the Moon in mission planned to 2025.

New manned spacecraft is one of the key parts of modernization process of Russian space potential initialized in the early nineties. With new Angara rocket family and Vostochny cosmodrome, “Federation” will become new main Russian spacecraft able to deliver men to orbit for following decades. Being for a long time in phase of development, “Federation” is at last reaching its end after over ten years of development starting  from joint CSTS project shared by Roscosmos and ESA, through different conceptions including Kliper spaceplane and finishing as traditional spacecraft with returning capsule similar in design to American Orion.

Orbita, company based in Voronezh, will receive later this year plans of new electrical circuits which will be used for “Federation” spacecraft. Project of electrical circuit was officially accepted in December 2016 by Rocket and Space Corporation Energia (RKK Energia), main contractor for “Federation” spacecraft. Orbita, as subcontractor, will start serial production of circuit later this year.