On picture above: LEE grapple under inspection.

After last spacewalk performed by two NASA astronauts: Mark Vande Hei and Scott Tingle it seemed that lasting since October 2017 procedure of replacing two Latching End Effector is finally reaching successful end.

After lasting over seven hours EVA 206 performed on Tuesday, January 23, 2018, LEE-B was finally replaced by new one and after successful initialization of new part (win spite of some software troubles) everything seemed to work flawlessly. Unfortunately in the next day first problems with LEE-B appeared.

Operators from ground control center, which are normally operating Canadarm2 by most of the time, tried during following days to fix issue with new grapple, unfortunately without any success. NASA and Canadian Space Agency decided that another EVA is necessary to bring Canadarm2 to live.

As for Monday, January 29th it was planned to finish LEE service action during last EVA in this month, Mark Vande Hei and Norishige Kanai of JAXA will enter space to remove again LEE-B and attach it to solve problem. All connections will be separated and rejoined to ensure that new part is operating nominally. Service actions planned for Monday will be performed in following days during another EVA.