U.S president has asked to develop an American “space force.” This statement was made by President Trump while he was addressing the West Point Football Team. He said that he wanted America’s five military branches to turn into six. Sending to the cadets, Mr. President said that after graduating they would be very proud of five essential offices of United States Armed Forces which are Army, Navy, Marines, Coast guard, and Air Force. In addition to these, the government is also thinking for the sixth which would be Space Force. Mr. President further added that the nation is becoming very powerful concerning Space force and that they are considering very seriously of taking the matter also.

In March, Trump considered space a warfighting zone similar to land, sea, and air while he was talking to the troop of California. Addressing the audience, Trump told that they have a serious thought of developing a Space force. This concept gained momentum due to some members of the Congress who also happen to be military leaders.

Alabama Republican Mike Rogers expressed this concept of Trump very promising. He said that he was quite excited to know the fact that this sci-fi concept of Space Corps has gained so much of popularity among the white house members. Rogers at the same time is the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. He along with Jim Cooper had been trying their level best to ensure that this new concept of Space Corps gets underway. They feel that such forces must form a part of the Air Force. 

Rogers said that nations like China and Russia are going ahead of US and thus it becomes that much important for us to accelerate the pace of our growth concerning space force. The future of war will be dealt with in space, and thus the US has to keep itself upbeat about the situation for the sake of the of the national security.

The proposal by Rogers and Coopers was initially dumped by the Trump due to a budget of around $ 700 billion defense spending bill. This proposal was opposed by members of the Senate and Pentagon leaders who thought that the project would need much more discussion. One of the Pentagon spokespeople was of the view that the military is executing a space organization as well as a management review which is headed by the deputy secretary of defense.