After 35 years of the Challenger Mission, in which Sally Ride was a mission specialist, the US Postal service has decided to honor this first American Woman to go Space, by developing a Forever stamp that would be launched today. The first day of this ceremony would be taking place at the University of California which is situated in San Diego. It is at this University that Ride served as a professor after retiring from NASA.

The stamp will feature a bright picture of Ride with the portrayal of the Liftoff of Challenger in the background. Ride along with one of her colleagues had founded an organization to motivate the young students particularly in respect of STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Ride who had turned 67 on Saturday just after a few days post the release of the stamp had died of pancreatic cancer in the year of 2012.

Her colleague said that she was very fond of stamps particular sports stamp and space stamps. She started collecting stamps from the age of nine. And so it would be entertaining to release a stamp with her picture imprinted on it. This initiative from her organization would make her proud of what contributions she had made in her life and how she left some memories to cherish for.

Bill Gicker who is the manager as well as the creative director of stamp development at the USPS, that the postal department receives close to 40,000 advice or suggestions for the stamps each year. Gicker said in his statement that the postal department was trying to showcase the best talent of United States and that Ride was an evident choice giver her abilities and her contribution towards space exploration.

Gicker further added that space stamps always excite people of America and the interest has also increased on the occasion of honoring a lady astronaut. When asked about the criteria issue for featuring in the stamp, the authority said that they mainly aim to honor such personalities which have contributed in a considerable way towards the environment, society, history, and culture wise for the American nature. 

The ride had contributed a lot towards the environment and wrote many books which mainly focused on the Earth and space-related issues. She also focused on how Earth can be protected from various ultraviolet rays and from the sudden climatic changes that may hit Earth badly.