After signing agreement between Polish Armament Group and National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) earlier this year, Polish space organizations and industry begun to increase its presence on the scene of world space industry.

Signing agreement with NSAU was in fact first real step in developing Polish space industry, which unfortunately is not well developed. Years spent in Eastern Bloc, where only country with own space industry could be Soviet Union were phase of lost chance. After hard times of economic and political transformation, Poland reached economic stability and achieved its main geopolitical aims: presence in NATO and European Union. Due the impressive development of world space industry it should not be surprising, that Polish companies started to consider investing in space technologies as chance for serious income. Good example could be PAG (Polish Armament Group), which is strongly interested in selling their optical sensors and radars for future Ukrainian satellites and future cooperation. After agreement signed on March 8, 2016, we were not forced to wait for a long time for next move by Poland. During visit of Chinese President, Xi Jinping, CNSA and POLSA (Polish National Space Agency) signed memorandum for cooperation. Among other agreements referring to various sectors of economy (Polish economic cooperation with China has long tradition, and Sino-Polish relations have always been characterized by mutual friendship and trust), agreement with CNSA is opening doors for POLSA to begun science cooperation with one of the most experienced Space Agency in the world – CNSA. Agreement was signed on June 20, 2016 in Warsaw. It is not the end; on July 7, 2016, during meeting of representatives of EU countries participating in ARTES (Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems under supervision of ESA) program, POLSA confirmed, that Poland would like to develop and possess own telecommunication satellite in close future. It would be first Polish telecommunication spacecraft and it would be designated to provide communication for Polish armed forces in Poland and abroad.  It is worth to remind that Poland is largely involved in UN and NATO operations around the globe and lack of own telecommunication satellite was source of problems for Polish Army. Now they should be solved with creating own satellite and delivering it within years to orbit. But this satellite will probably be preceded by another satellite, which is already under development. SAT-AIS-PL is planned as maritime monitoring satellite, developed and built mainly by Polish companies. These established consortium with  Creotech Instruments SA, Hertz Systems Sp. z o.o., Atos Polska SA, Silesian Centre for Science and Technology of Aviation Industry along with scientific institutions: Space Research Centre PAS, National Institute of Telecommunications, Maritime Academy in Gdynia; satellite will be gathering data on maritime traffic using AIS system and send data to European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) along with Polish organizations like Maritime Offices, the Polish Army, the Border Guard, the Maritime Search and Rescue Service.

On picture above: Soyuz-30 capsule which brought first Polish astronaut, maj. Mirosław Hermaszewski.