Individuals looking for a getaway with unmatched views of all Earth’s sunsets and sunrises will now have access to 384 of them thanks to a planned space hotel. Orion Span, a Houston-based company hopes it can launch the very first “luxury hotel in space” by 2022. This will be a 35 by 14 foot Aurora Station.

The company hopes it will be completed by late 2021 and will be open to receive guests the next year. According to Orion Span’s news release, the hotel will be able to house up to two crewmembers and four travelers at a time.

When they stay at the hotel, they will experience being raced around the planet at a high speed for around 12 days. Adventurers who want to see Earth from space will need to pay $9.5 million for every person or around $791,666 per night to experience it.

They can reserve an $80,000 deposit online, which is fully refundable according to company officials. Space is deemed as the final frontier for the human civilization. With that, the founder and chief executive of Orion Span, Frank Bunger, seeks to get people up into space to see and experience it.

It is incredible that a trip to the said hotel is at a price that is less than $10 million per head. According to Bunger, this is because of the decline of the price for launches. Everyone’s predictions say that the launch prices will fall.

This is due to every other rocket launch company looking for ways to make into orbit faster, better, and quicker. The luxury hotel in space is one of the series of milestones that came after the commercial space industry’s revival.

There is much speculation if the momentum could be maintained. People are wondering if SpaceX and other private space enterprises can deliver on their promise of bringing humans back to space. The Trump administration is looking to reconstruct NASA’s role.

This way, the agency can work closely with international partners and private enterprises. This gives a high likelihood that more and more people will get to space. If completed, adventurers will be able to experience plenty of attractions in the proposed hotel.

Among those is the experience of zero gravity flying all through the station. Additionally, patrons will be able to view their hometowns right from space. They can also be part of research experiments while in orbit. Possibly the best experience, they can live stream to people on Earth using a high-speed Internet.