For any company, landing a contract with NASA would be the dream deal. NASA has always been the fascination for the world. Their space research and achievements have constantly been on a high. So, basically supporting them in anyway would be a giant leap in a company`s target!

Pixelink is a company that is in Rochester, NY. This is basically a Navitar Company and makes cameras for industrial use. Their cameras are primarily for the machines and microscopy. Pixelink in conjunction with another company called Deep Space Systems are the chosen ones for NASA. Deep space systems is from Littleton, CO and provides engineering services to industries. They have expertise in spacecraft designs for both human and robotic explorations.

Pixelink industrial camera technology has been selected by NASA for three of their locations working on the NASA Orion spacecraft project. This project involves spacecrafts built to transport humans into space, farther than ever imagined before. This special spacecraft demand a lot of new technology and new tie-ups and thus came the role of Pixelink. The Pixelink technology will be utilized by NASA to shoot critical images of launch related activities and re-entry events that include inspection of the heat shield.   The Pixelink will be handled by the multi-purpose crew of this project, who are adept with the technology of the device and can make maximum use of its features.

The Pixelink camera technology was selected because its features were the best. This is in line with the demanding performance specifications of the Orion project. These cameras are capable of imaging the Earth and the Moon in order, so that the spacecraft can calculate its own velocity and position in the Cis-Lunar space independently. This activity is of criticality for crew members who are onboard the spacecraft for safe flight as well as accurate ground communication signaling.

President of Pixelink, Paul Saunders said that Pixelink has always been committed to quality. Their main objective as a company is to provide durable and high-quality products to customers. He also said that their quality has been further established in the market, just by winning this special contract with NASA. They vouch to support NASA in their Orion project by supplying dependable application solutions to them.

Deep Space Systems will play a role in repackaging and testing the Pixelink cameras to assure the quality of the cameras in extreme space environmental conditions.