Thomas Pesquet of ESA and Shane Kimbrough of NASA finished today second ISS spacewalk in 2017 (EVA-2/Expedition 50) and performed flawlessly all tasks.

This time Thomas Pesquet instead Peggy Whitson was partner of Shane Kimbrough. During 197th spacewalk in the history of International Space Station they were supported by Peggy Whitson of NASA, who helped both astronauts to prepare their space suits and enter to Quest airlock. They left Station at 12:05 UTC Рfirst left Shane Kimbrough, Pesquet entered space as second. They begun their lasting almost 6 hours spacewalk. Todays EVA was again focused on changing old nickel-hydrogen batteries supporting ISS during passing through night zone. These power packs are placed outside the Station on Integrated Equipment Assembly. To perform swap it was necessary to move three adapter plates from pallets. It was first task of Thomas Pesquet, who released first bolts and brought adapter plate. With Shane Kimbrough they managed to release from pallet and attach to IEA three adapter plates and connect three new lithium cells. After they finished main task, they could begun additional tasks. They finished stowing shield of Node 3 ISS module and took  pictures to document battery change and

Both astronauts returned to Quest airlock at 17:20 UTC.