Perfect Universe to the best worlds 

The ESA’s Paris headquarters or logged in online with a group of scientists across the globe witness the moment when the mission has revealed the image of cosmos. This image is taken with microwaves.  The light, which is visible at small wavelengths. Majorly, it had been generated at the starting of the universe. 

The light, which is visible to our eyes, is composed of small wavelengths and less than a thousandth millimeter in length. The Planck radiation was detecting longer wavelengths, from a few tenths millimeters to another few millimeters. Majorly, it had been generated at the universe begins. This radiation is known as cosmic microwave background or CMB. By measuring this the image of Planck had the ability to tell us about the expansion, age, history, and contents of the universe. It was a cosmic blueprint. 

Two missions of NASA, COBE and WMAP had already performed analogues of sky surveys that resulted in the same images, in early 1990. These images did not have the Planck sharpness.   This view would show the early universe’s imprint in detail for the first time. 

If the model of the universe were correct, then Planck would confirm the level of accuracy. When the model was incorrect, Planck would send a drawing board to the scientists. After the image was revealed, the data had confirmed the model. Planck has shown the perfect image of the universe. 

Every cosmological model is based on Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity relevantly. The standard cosmology model includes the action of two unknown components. 

The attractive matter components are known as the cold dark matter that does not interact with light. The, a repulsive energy of light known as dark energy, is driving recently accelerated to help to grow of the universe. They are found to explain the cosmos in addition to the ordinary matter. 

In the year 2009, Planck was launched and it has been collecting data until 2013. This first release gave you the perfect universe that was made in the early year of spring. It was based on the cosmic microwave background temperature and used by the first two sky surveys of the missions. This data provides more information called inflation in the history of the universe, during this time the cosmic structure seeds were shown. Finally, no one has been able to come up with an appropriate measurement and the question remain to be solved.