Yuri’s Night is considered to be the world’s biggest space party bash. It was first organized at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex. These get together brought many highly qualified space professionals under one roof. Not only the scientists were invited to the party but also fans for space were also seen partying together. The theme of the party was organized beneath Atlantis.

Partying Hard

It is a yearly celebration organized to mark the present, past and also the future of the space industry. This concept was originally started by George Whitesides, Loretta and of course Trish Garner in the year of 2001. Since its inception, this event has been favored by all the space fans and also professionals around the world. Earlier this party was organized in different space museums and various space centers. But this was the first time that it was organized in the Kennedy Space Centre situated in Florida. In this party different other nations also participated which includes Australia, Antarctica and also Russia.

The Florida party bash was huge enough to bring up the founder member of this event Loretta Whitesides to the occasion as well. She was dressed like that of the Princess Shuri as was portrayed in Black Panther movie. The average age of the participants ranged around 20 but most of them had their hair color as grey.

Discussion about Technical Difficulty

The participants at the event were welcomed by a large number of cosplayers. It is actually a group combining a number of individuals who are engaged in raising money and attend these parties dressed in the traditional Star Wars characters. Sometimes these people also dress as per the characters are shown in Star Trek movie. This movie was very popular among the fans and so dressing in such a way ignites furthermore curiosity among people to know further about space exploration.

As a part of the question-answer session, Cabana was asked about the issues relating to launch Complex 39C. In response to the question, Cabana replied that a small site for the launching purpose has been set up which will be shifted to a different place in the near future. He also mentioned the fact that it would take NASA to send humans to Mars by 2030.

On the other hand astronaut, Nicole Stott was very passionate in her statement when she mentioned that everybody is living on a particular planet and she referred all as earthlings.