In order to break into the military spacecraft market, Jeff Bezos led giant has submitted a huge proposal previous year to help and support for the upliftment of more advanced orbital rocket launchers. This proposal as per the sources is more valuable than that of orbital ATK, SpaceX, as well as United Launch Alliance. These organizations are in a position to make the most of Blue Origin BE-4 engine which will help to enhance the Vulcan rocket. It has also founded the new Glenn Rocket, which has been approved by the Air Force for the purpose of National concerns.

Funding process in details

Earlier United Launch Alliance has got hold of the funding approval from the government. This was mainly done to develop new equipment to counter-attack the Russian Movement. A significant amount of the Air Force funding was allocated to build up BE-4 engine, as per the data released by the military officials. In addition to Blue Origin, such Air Force funding was also received by Orbital ATK, SpaceX, and Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Utilization of the fund allotted

All the organizations have utilized the funds allotted to them in various sections. For instances, the SpaceX has utilized the money for building up methane fuel engine, which would ultimately help in fueling the BFR launcher. On the other hand, Orbital ATK is keen to develop their own launcher. This will help them to establish rocket motors to send them to the space. Again Aerojet Rocketdyne has set up an engine which will work as a backup plan for the Vulcan rocket.

Atlas 5 currently is mainly involved in dealing with the majority of the U.S government’s payload. The medium version of the ULA rockets will be stopped in the coming year. However, the powerful version of Delta-4 will be launched in 2020 for the purpose of the military mission.

In the coming years, Air Force has the intention to grant three companies good amount of government funding. The funding will be used to establish costly launchers worth multi-million dollars. Again Air Force plans to identify two companies for the final round of PPP for the purpose of launch services.

The air force is in search of two highly competent launch providers that will provide the U.S inbuilt configurations. This will be very crucial for establishing important communication linking as well as any sort of warning satellites. Currently, two rockets of the ULA, as well as Falcon 9 of the SpaceX, are used for these missions.