This time not weather conditions, but technical issues with Atlas V launch vehicle caused another delay in NROL-52 space mission.

Rocket spent last days at SLC-41 with payload encapsulated under the fairing, as Atlas V was rolled out on Tuesday, October 3. After two not successful launch attempts on Thursday and Friday , ULA decided to launch Atlas V with NROL-52 as soon as weather will be better – already on Friday next launch date was scheduled for today.

Today’s weather forecasts from 02:00 UTC were giving 70% of launch possibility. Unfortunately at around 04:57 UTC launch was scrubbed due the technical problems spotted by ground service teams. An S Band telemetry data transmitter necessary for collecting flight data failed and needs to be replaced. Rocket will be rolled into assembly facility for following few days to perform additional service actions, replace transmitter and perform additional tests before another rollout.

It was not announced when fourth attempt of launch will be conducted; it is worth o remind that in the history of 74 flights of Atlas every rocket reached space with less than three launch attempts.