Launch of the ULA atlas 5 rocket with classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed for 24 hours.

Launch was scheduled for today from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral at 07:30 UTC. Rocket in 421 configuration (2 boosters, 4 m fairing and single RL-10 engine installed at Centaur upper stage)  was rolled out on October 3, 2017. First tests of guidance system were performed already on October 5. Unfortunately on 05:30 UTC meteorologists observed heavy rains upcoming to Cape Canaveral, but prelaunch preparations were continued. Countdown took place at T+2h. After prolonged hold, countdown was resumed with new launch time: 08:22 UTC. Additional time was added due the strong winds at SLC-41. Fueling was started at 06:36 UTC and upcoming launch was processed along with time table.

Unfortunately around 09:10 UTC launch was scrubbed due the strong winds around SLC-41 and weather forecasts predicting heavy rainfall. Launch was rescheduled for tomorrow to 08:03 UTC.