Social media and the internet have taken a toll on our lives. We can’t live without them. Recently the news had come which told that now people can use the internet in flights. Likewise, the commercial passengers could tweet from the space as well. Knowing the need of the internet 24*7; a group is working so that people can remain connected even when they are in zero gravity.

Since the time Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are trying to make space traveling commercial, people are trying their hand in making them online from there as well. To match the pace, Brian Barnett, CEO of Santa Fe, NM-based Solstar is working in the field and trying to provide internet in the space. He said, “We want to be able to live and work in space, have fun in space, and vacation in space. And when we get there, we want to make sure we have Internet.”

Using commercial infrastructure, the first tweet from space was made and sent by Solstar. Space is one of the most potential frontiers, but it is incomplete without the internet and remaining connected to the outer world. The first tweet- “Brought to you from above the Karman Line – this tweet from Solstar’s Space Communicator on board #NewShepard!” was made to test the Wi-Fi capabilities in the space and the feasibility to remain connected with the outer world through the internet.

COO of Solstar said that we are very excited about the venture and our first experiment for full of fun and excitement. He said, “Any activity like this in aerospace is moments of sheer terror punctuated by hours of boredom. So those critical moments when the rocket’s going and things have to happen quickly, yeah it’s pretty exciting.” However, approval from the Federal Communications Commission is always required to execute this technology in the space.

According to Barnett, rocket science is already there to make it work, but the Wi-Fi of Solstar would be extremely feasible to use as compared to any other network. It can be used either on the cell phone or laptop without any hassle.

Utilizing a series of satellites to endow internet access to the space passengers, the need of switching between the satellites to avoid the loss of connection is also critical. Barnett said the concept is similar to how cell phones switch cell towers. Solstar’s Communicator will be inside the spaceship or space station, to create the Wi-Fi network.