North Korea after test fire of their latest rocket engine performed on Saturday performed trial of prototype of ICBM missile.

It was another part of clear message for USA and their allies, that North Korea is strong enough to continue development of their space and rocket program in spite of sanctions and embargos. On Saturday at the Sohae Satellite Launching Station, under supervision of North Korean Armed Forces, engineers performed successful test of latest rocket engine equipped with additional control steering motor.

Today US Military confirmed, that another rocket trial took place on North Korean territory. From not specified military range armed forces of North Korea launched probably prototype of ICBM  missile. After few seconds after start huge explosion was spotted – rocket probably exploded just after ignition and liftoff. This test was a clear violation of United Nations ban set for rocket trials conducted by North Korea.

It is another rocket test after successful flight of missile performed earlier this month, which finished with falling into japanese territorial waters after flying 1000 km.