As per media reports, SpaceX would not be launching the two tourists on a mission to the moon in 2018. 

Elon Musk, CEO, and founder of SpaceX announced on February 2018, that his company is aiming to send two customers who wish to pay for a weeklong trip to the moon around the end of this year, with the aid of its all-powerful Falcon Heavy rocket and the Dragon capsule. As per SpaceX representatives, the two of these customers have not been publicly announced, but have submitted the deposit for their mission. 

On June 3rd,  The Wall Street Journal mentioned reporting that, though SpaceX has not yet announced the new rescheduled date of the mission, it is expected to be by the mid of 2019 or maybe even later, and it also does not mean that the landmark mission is called off. James Gleeson, SpaceX’s spokesperson, mentioned in his e-mail to the Journal, that SpaceX’s plans to fly individuals around the moon is still on and there has been the great response of the interest on the trip from customers.  

SpaceX has a multibillion-dollar contract with NASA that using its Falcon 9 and the Dragon; it will transpire astronauts from and to the orbiting lab. Robotic cargo missions from and to the International Space Station is already carried on using Dragon, launched atop the companies powerful Falcon 9 rocket. 

Initially, NASA presumed to start this astronaut taxi module, along with another one from Boeing, that’s still in the developing stage, and also is linked with a commercial-crew agreement with it. It was also expected to be ready by 2017, but the progress has been much slower than what was initially planned. As of the present scenario, SpaceX, and Boing, both have officially announced their target of completion by the last quarter of 2018, for their first test crew flights, but there are possibilities that the completion dates might push further in 2019. 

It was when Elon Musk, announced the space mission around the moon, Falcon Heavy – the reusable spaceship was being developed, but as of present situations, it has its wings ready. The rocket was debuted in February, spectacularly, launching first the Tesla Roadster that carried ‘Starman’ – a mannequin into space, along with the two of its three, Falcon 9’s initial stages, which constitutes the most massive first stage and aces its landing back to Earth.