Are you a tourist who loves adventure? Have you gone to almost every corner of the world and deep inside your heart you feel you now need to take your adventurous nature to another level? It’s time to think of taking it up into outer space.

Life is made of luxury and surprises and the more you give to it the more it gives back, so don’t restrict yourself from any opportunity that brings new meaning to life. With the continuing development in technology, we finally have a luxurious hotel in the outer space with a private suite. Although this is the only hotel available for now, they have promised to offer quality services to their clients.

The nature of the space hotel

The hotel has been named after a delightful light phenomenon that enlightens the earth’s polar skies. Orion Span and the chosen team dealing with space industry veterans are the ones in charge of developing Aurora Station. They have great experience in human space experience.

Aurora station will function as the hotel. It will be able to host six people at a go. This will however include two crew members. Aurora Station will ensure all travelers enjoy a complete authentic, unforgettable astronaut experience. This trip will last for 12 days but its memories will live with you for a lifetime.

Such a great out-of-this-world experience will only cost you $9.5 million but the fun of it is such an all-inclusive bargain. Upon launch, Aurora will go to service immediately and aims at giving travelers a quick landing to space at a pocket friendly cost. At the same time, it will give them an experience that will never escape their memory for all their lifetime.

Requirements of travelling to Aurora Station

Those who have decided to take a trip on Aurora Station will first enjoy an OSAC (Orion Span Astronaut Certification) for three months before taking off. The first phase of the certification program will be done online. The second one is completed by the traveler at Orion Span’s state-of-the-art training institute located in Houston, Texas. The last one is completed by the traveler during their stay on Aurora Station.

There are a number of unique things travelers will be able to do in their visit to space. Some examples are gaze at the Southern and Northern Aurora through the many windows, fly freely in zero gravity, soar over Aurora’s hometowns among many others. truth is, you can never miss this great adventure at whichever cost!