Orion Span just launched its luxury plans last day. The Aurora Station is the first orbital community ever made. The space hotel will be launched in the year 2021 and will be recognized as the world’s first ever luxury hotel in space.

By the year 2022, the hotel is expected to host astronauts, tourists, and space research on the Aurora Station according to the CEO Frank Bunger. Since the company is not a rocket company, they will rely on other rocket companies to transport their customers into the orbit. The company is planning to partner up with the well-known Blue Origin, SpaceX, or other space agency. The company also plans to look for a partner is looking for a place to launch their modules.

While the company doesn’t have any facility and spot to build the Aurora Station, the company says that they will probably arrive at their final decision in the next 7 months to 9 months. However, Orion does not stop from just painting pictures that will be seen on their official website. The company is also excited about their very first space hotel which is expected to operate in the year 2022. Arriving at the Aurora Station will make every space tourist greeted and enjoy their stay in the world’s first luxury space hotel.

Orion also hopes to attract more clients to purchase their tickets that may cost $9.5 million. This opportunity is said to be loved by people who are looking for an extraordinary experience. This can also mean for many governments who are looking for an opportunity for their space program a boost. This can also catch the interest of the real estate.

As of the moment, the company has only six employees and Bunger does not have any direct experience in space. The company Orion Span has joined other companies like the Bigelow Space. They are also planning to partner up with other space agencies in order to carry them in space and fulfill their luxury hotel. However, the company prioritizes the elegance first. It means that the company wants their hotel to be single mode volume which consists of 160 cubic meters. According to the company, the hotel is a single-module space station.

The Orion Span also announced that they will start collecting ticket deposits. The collection of the $80, 000 tickets will take a turn in Escrow and there are no announcements yet about the food.