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Human beings have been polluting the planet for many decades, but now they have started polluting the outer space as well. Recently, we saw many news channels and newspapers talking about the issue of space junk and how it can be a threat to the astronauts and spacecraft. 

Space junk refers to the disused satellites which lose connection with the Earth-based stations. These satellites and other human made debris floats in the atmosphere which is lethal for the astronauts and spaceships. It could lead to an accident as debris is floating freely. 

Did you know that the smallest elements could pose a threat to the lives of the astronauts? It stays in the atmosphere, and at a later stage, they crash with other objects. It is a cause for concern, and there seems to be a new mission which is trying to address the problem of space junk. 

There is news about a European mission which is aiming to clear up all the space junk in the atmosphere. RemoveDebris spacecraft has undergone several tests, and it is in the ready-to-fly position now. According to sources, the RemoveDebris spacecraft will be firing harpoons and nets to capture all the debris in the atmosphere. It is undoubtedly great news for the humanity as space junk is a serious issue which should be addressed as soon as possible. 

The junk in space is increasing day by day. When astronauts go on a mission, it is possible that some human-made debris gets left behind. However, we should not take the risk of letting it float freely. The space debris has destroyed many satellites and it is about time that it requires some severe cleaning steps.  

Undoubtedly, we must take initiatives to clean our planet, but we often forget that the outer space junk is lethal for the space missions. Do remember that the space junk is just hundreds of miles away from our world. The outer space requires cleaning as it can damage space stations, and could be lethal for the great astronauts of our planet. 

ESA and NASA have taken the initiative, and they have pledged that they would be removing five big pieces of space junk every year. It is a proposal which is worth appreciation! We hope that the problem of space junk gets solved and the RemoveDebris spacecraft can capture much of the debris in its net and harpoons.