Humans have not only polluted the planet, but now they have started covering newer places. Space is the recent example of the same. Recent last months were full of news that related to space junk and waste. The satellites keep on orbiting in the space, and when they lose their connection or communication with Earth-based stations, they remain suspended over there for some time and then meet a crash. When a collision or a wreck of a satellite occurs, the parts stay there is the air and put various other spacecraft as well as astronauts into danger. Even the smallest of such elements can create massive damage to the other existing satellites or to the astronauts who come out for a spacewalk. Now when all such space junk news is in the air and creates stress for everyone, there comes news of hope! A European mission is working on a spacecraft that will help remove the space junk. 

The new spacecraft that is aimed at cleaning the space waste is called the RemoveDebris spacecraft. The final touches have been done to the RemoveDebris spacecraft. Recently, the spacecraft also went through four critical tests to check its capability and various functions. It is being said that the new spacecraft will be capturing the space waste by firing nets and harpoons. 

It is worth mentioning that the waste is space is increasing with time. This space waste has already destroyed one satellite and has damaged many other satellites too. The presence of junk endangers the space stations as well as the astronauts working in them. Due to the constant threat of this space junk, the astronauts have to take elusive actions from time to time. According to an estimate, the space junk consists of more than half million parts which are more significant than the size of a marble. The size of other components is larger than the ones mentioned earlier. 

To help clean the space and to remove the debris from the space, the National Aeronautics Space Agency (NASA) and European Space Agency  (ESA) have come up with a proposal. These space agencies have planned t remove five big pieces of space junk every year. It is a step worth appreciation, and we wish good luck to NASA as well as ESA for their space cleaning mission. We also hope and believe that the new spacecraft, that is, the RemoveDebris spacecraft will get successful in its purpose.