As days are going by, new things in the space exploration are being discovered. It is discovered that above the earth existence of life can be found on other planets outside our solar system. But this is yet to be confirmed by the astronauts.

On April 16th 2018, it is said that transiting exoplanet survey satellite commonly known as TESS will launch its new planet hunter. This is set to be the next step in the searching of other planets apart from the ones is known.

TESS has planned to spend two years in the orbit. During this period, the entire sky that consists of 26 various sections at 24 degree by 96 degrees across will undergo the survey. In the first year, 13 sectors in the southern hemisphere will be inspected and different criteria to know if life exists in these sectors will be used. Then the second year the other 13 sectors from the northern hemisphere will finally be surveyed.

The sky is split into two sections that TESS will primarily look into one by one by the use of a four wide field camera that is able to traverse 85 percent of the whole sky. Tess mission is managed by Goddard with the assistance of planetary motion from the moon.

The man aim of the space ship is looking for planets that may harbor life. The method of transiting will be used. It involves a planet passing in front of its star causing a recurrent and frequent brightness of the star. 

TESS ability to orbit the earth in approximately half the time that the moon takes enables it to stabilize the spacecraft’s orbit against sudden pulls from the moon’s gravity. The planets mass will then be determined by the study of absorption and releasing of light which is called spectroscopy.

In order to know if a planet can hold life or not, hints like availability of water and molecule in the airspace can clearly tell. Trough the method of transit, TESS is able to create a guide about the exoplanets that are available. After clear observation the list will then be compiled and ground-based follow-ups using telescopes will be conducted.

These telescopes will reveal the true and false planets; the one with rocks like the earth, the ones that are full of gas like Jupiter and ones that may contain abnormal thing that may exist in them.