Missions to Mars in the year 2022 would be made possible. It is due to the new rocket facility that would be lunched in the port of Los Angeles in California. The said new facility would make advancements on the missions to build on the red planet 

It is called the Big Falcon Rocket or the BFR. The port on the LA harbor would be used for the missions. It is made possible due to the assistance of a ship or barge. The headquarters in Los Angeles is the perfect location for the accessibility of the site. 

The mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti said that the new space rocket not only makes humanity closer to the cosmos but it also creates many jobs here on planet earth. 

 The BFP takes advantage of replacing the Falcon Heavy, Falcon 9 and the Dragon. The website of SpaceX states the facility would be used in the colonization on the life on Mars as well as making cargo trips in the LA port. The commissioners of the Board of Harbor are planning to vote on the release of the lease of the 19-acre space that would be used on the trips and other critical missions of the BFP. 

The meeting agenda of the voting process seeks to acquire a ten-year rent to the desired area. There would be an extension of another ten years. The cost of the lease would be $1.4 million every year. 

The city councilman of the city approves of the project due to the light effect it would bring the area of the waterfront. It would lighten the future of the harbor area and the citizens who are in need of a job. The councilman also noted that this could be one of the brightest prospects the city of Los Angeles would see. 

The employees of SpaceX find their way in working in the new facility through commuting in the form of bike and ferry. The founder of the company might even move in the new site. 

The mayor of LA selects all the members of the Board who would do the voting. The mayor said that he is confident the rent plan for the ten-year lease would be soon approved on coming Thursday. The voting process would be taken to the committee of Travel, Tourism, and Trade before he is given a chance to vote.