Russian military is not going to stay behind civilian space organisation, State Corporation Roscosmos. After years of expensive civilian programs like new Vostochny cosmodrome, Russian military also would like to start new project to start modernization their space segment.

Russian authorities are not going to limit activities objected for modernization only to spacecrafts and launch vehicles used for civilian purposes; also military segment of Russian space potential is subject of changes. According to TASS news agency Russian Ministry of Defense decided to establish three new complexes operating under existing space control system responsible for monitoring outer space and early warning. Information was given during live broadcast for Russian Life#Zvuk radio on Saturday. Deputy chief of the space segment of the Russian Aerospace Force, Colonel Andrei Ivanishina, mentioned about installing new stations on Russian territory in Altai, Buryatia and in Crimea. These three stations will represent latest technology to improve capability of Russian Air Force in tracking objects in space with greater inclination and altitude.

It is worth to mention why this particular part of military early warning  system is so important; first of all it is providing most accurate data in real time about objects remaining in space. Of course its main task was previously tracking nuclear ICBM and its warheads, later also tracking foreign satellites. But just like USSTRATCOM, tracking civilian satellites and in general every new object on orbit, became daily activity of the system. Now, military system is part of integrated aerospace defense system of Russia, but its purposes are not limited only military service. System is tracking 80% of objects remaining in space over Russia (with over 150 space vehicles) and helps in controlling space traffic of both military and civilian spacecrafts.

As it was mentioned by Colonel Ivanishina, third station is planned to be established in Crimea, which became Russian territory after annexation and Crimean status referendum in 2014, when residents decided to incorporate their region to Russia. Still Ukraine, to which belonged before Crimea, is still not accepting fact of losing part of its territory. In spite of fact that it is still involved in War in Donbass (another territory which would like to join Russian Federation), still looks for way to restore its supremacy over Crimea. Now it seems, that Russia is quite sure, that Crimea will remain Russian. Probably establishing number of military complexes including such vital element like space control station, is sign for Ukraine, that any attempt to seizure Crimea is not possible without an attack on a Russian primary military structures. Russian authorities probably are also looking for opportunities to boost up economy of Crimea, which was mostly depended on Ukraine. Now, after natural process of retreat of Ukrainian companies, Crimea needs investors and investitions. Establishing large military structure will surely create new jobs and will help local companies to grab new contracts.