A new spacecraft have been initiated into the space named as the Sentinel-3B. This satellite was launched with the help of the Rocket from Russia’s Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a little north of Moscow, on 25th April. The primary purpose of this satellite is to observe the earth’s surface – both land surface and water surface. It weighs around 1,150 kilograms which are 2,535 lb. It will settle about 815 kilometers above the Earth on the polar orbit. This type of a satellite was also launched in the previous year named Sentinel-3A. Sentinel-3B is considered to be its twin. The current satellite, Sentinel-3B launched is said to keep a close eye on how the Earth is changing and also is supposed to observe the land, seas, and air of the Earth just like the previous satellite, Sentinel-3A. Both are designed in such a way that they consist a significant amount of fuel which can make them last for a dozen years. For a total of 7 years, these satellites can help the astronauts and researchers in knowing about the changes taking place on the Earth’s surface.

Most importantly, the launch of the satellite Sentinel-3B provides various information regarding the Earth’s Sea. It helps in monitoring the biological productivity of the aquatic systems of the water bodies. The satellite also helps in detecting any marine or water pollution of the water bodies of the Earth. Other than this, mapping of the changes of the sea-level is also noted by the satellite. For ships to move safely, whether the state of the sea is transparent and efficient are also indicated, observed and forecasted by the satellite. Other than providing information about the Earth’s sea, the satellite also provides essential information about the Earth’s land. Timely information regarding the changing vegetation and the land cover is also provided by this satellite launching mission. Tracking wildfires are also made accessible by this satellite.

The mission of the Sentinel-3 satellites and the part of the project of the European Commission run with the help of the European Space Agency. The project is named Copernicus Earth-observation program. The number of satellites that are operated under this program is more than 30. Various Sentinel satellites were launched in the past like the Sentinel-1A, Sentinel-1B, Sentinel-2A, Sentinel-2B, and Sentinel-5P. Sentinel-5P was sent to detect pollution on the surface of the earth and was sent with the help of a Rockot Rocket just like the Sentinel-3B.