Newly appointed NASA chief Mr. Jim Bridenstine has got a tough job ahead as he has assumed one of the toughest administration jobs in recent times as viewed by the experts. His appointment was confirmed by U.S. Senate. This confirmation of appointment came after seven months after Donald Trump had recommended him for the top position of NASA. The final result of the voting process stood at 50-49. All the Republicans had voted for him, while all the Democrats opposed his appointment. This result for the appointment of NASA chiefs has been pretty much unusual. Generally, NASA chiefs are appointed pretty smoothly without much of an opposition. This tough opposition is likely to make the work for Mr. Jim much tougher as opined by the experts.

Logsdon, one of the professors at the George Washington University has said that it will be an uphill task for the new Chief since he has received a huge amount of protest in the early days of his journey as the NASA Chief. The Senators who had opposed his appointment said the main reason of their opposition was in relation to his past statements were he had cited the truth of the human-driven climatic change. However, in his recent statements, Mr.Jim has denied any such statements and also has avoided the fact that he lacks professional experience in terms of aerospace.

The Senate council in a meet said that they wanted a space professional who can lead the Space Agency, not a politician. It is a true fact that Bridenstine is considered to be the first elected person to lead the Space Agency. But it is also true that he is not the first person who lacks technical background. This statement was given by Logsdon. He gave the examples of James Webb and Sean o’ Keefe. Lodsdon also mentioned the fact that although the Space Agency is famous all around the world in terms of the technical services that are created here, the innovations that are done here, it is not aloof from the political picture as well. This is mainly because of the fact that this agency is after all a Government Agency. The Agency was not partisan, but it has always shown sign of being political.

Bridenstine has duly taken over from Robert Lightfoot, who was performing the duties at the time president Trump took over the charges in the month of January of 2017.