Industrial revolutions are so widespread that they tend to impact almost every sector or trade. Thus the fourth revolution is no different. We are about to witness a revolution that is minimizing the line between the physical as well as the digital worlds with the help of artificial intelligence. The entire world of the machine to machine communications as well as the internet revolutions are changing the way we lead a life in today’s world.

Our Defense Department, as well as our Government, can also benefit to a large extent from this transformation which will ultimately lead to improvement in the operations as well as the safety concerns. However, the latest technology is very much dependent on speed. So these government authorities need to keep up with the pace.

In one of the most breathtaking developments, the US Army has successfully tested a driver-less tractor-trailer. Such driverless convoys and also the unmanned and the manned teaming operations that are executed in the air and even on the ground will bring about a huge change in the supply chain management of the US Army. 

As of today, high-performance satellites such as Intelsat EpicNG are already in the run for providing these types of facilities for mobile connection-on-the-pause as well as communication-on-the-move for ensuring tactical Satcom on the field. These highly advanced versions require small dishes as compared to the previous ones but fit very much with the government requirements.

Kevin Lavery who works for WKAR said that the primary aim of this development is to ensure safety for the army personnel. During the battlefield, the supply vehicle is the prime focus of destruction of the enemies. Thus if only a few soldiers are put on such cars, then the loss could be minimized while the majority of the soldiers could travel in proper and trustworthy cars.

In the modern-day scenario, cyber as well as network operations are equally important as compared to physical operations. The satellite communications have become very important to establish a link between the soldiers in the war fields and the systems. SATCOM is mainly involved with air, ground and maritime operations as of now. If due care is taken, then this initiative will lead to fulfilling the broadband requirements of the semi as well as fully autonomous air and also ground systems shortly. Such an initiative will also lead to a reduction in the radio line-of-sight system to a great extent.