Spaceships and BFR Rocket Booster s are on its way to invade the shores of LA. SpaceX plans to make the said plans at the Los Angeles Port. The officials have said this plan this week. During the State of the City address, the Mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti said that the vehicle is going to take humanity deeper into the universe. 

The port officials of the City and the SpaceX Company has all agree to the lease the 19-acre area at the port of Los Angeles in 2013. Now, the plan of the lease arrives on its final stage as the there’s an agreement between the two parties. On Thursday, the signing of the agreements is on the way, and the plan is going to be a success. 

The new BFR rockets are massive with the diameter of 30 feet and towering height of 350 feet.  It was according to the information last year. There also two pieces of the vehicle that gives a favorable response to the missions in outer space. 

The booster stage has 13 methane raptor engines that are capable of providing an amount of 12 million thrusts to power the rockets to apace. It can carry satellites supplies and people into space. It gives not only a fast procedure of the missions but also a way of making each of these missions a success. 

Before the signing of the lease in the Port of LA, SpaceX had examinations for other locations that suit the building of the rockets. There are places in Florida, Texas, Louisiana and others. Then, the open port in the Los Angeles area was the final choice for the project. It is according to Michael DiBernardo, the marketing and customer relation director of the port. 

The design of the rockets is in the early stages. There are shown designs in 2016 to 2017, but the design now is smaller and offers a good way of taking the boosters into space. According to a report, the location requires being near the water because the BFR is too big for the road trucks to handle. The mission of the upcoming rocket is set to be a breaking point in the past rockets under NASA. 

In this plan, there is a chance for astronomers to see other things the universe has to offer. Also, there is a successful assurance of the best results in each of the travels of the spacecraft into orbit.