On picture above: Endevour over Australia sea coast.

Western Australia is still in a dilemma that whether they would be a part of this big responsibility in the newly set up, National Space Agency as the Innovation Minister Michaelia Cash is all set to launch the new body in Perth today.

As per the latest news report, Senator Cash will be inaugurating the nation’s first Space Agency. This historic event will be conducted at the offices of Oil and gas giant Woodside. This prestigious organization has been working with NASA as well. They have partnered with NASA’s robotics technology section to help develop new applications which might prove to be useful beneath the sea as well as in such remote or severe environmental conditions where the company has its operations.

In the last week itself, the Federal Budget of the nation has allocated a fund close to $26 million to motivate the agency for its four years of immense efforts and hardship. The senator has further said that this funding would help the space agency to extend its working with the academic institutions and also with the commercial space industries to further reach the popularity of the Australian Space agency in the international arena.

The Senator expressed his confidence regarding the fact that the other nations have gone a long way improving their space exploration process in a very cost-effective way and roped in many private players in the sector as well. The Australian Space Agency is also in talks with the various individual commercial firms who are interested in the process of in-depth space exploration to give a boost to their economy as well. The Senator has further stated that space exploration does not merely provide impetus to the space industry, but it paves the way for other sectors also such as agriculture, oil and gas, mining, communications and so on.

Ex-CSIRO in charge Megan Clerk will be heading the space agency and be assuming the responsibility from July 1. In the initial stages, the agency will work out of Canberra, but the agency has plans to shift to a permanent base within six months.

West Australia’s substantial expertise in the related field makes the region much more eligible to build a base for the Space Agency. The knowledge of working with the European Space Agency will further enhance their chances and will thereby make the Space Agency focus their permanent base in this part of the country.