The vice president Mike Pence says that the United States is getting serious about space junk. When Pence was giving out his speech on April 16, 2018, he announced that national space council would be sending to president Trump for the new recommendation for him to address the growing threat of space junk circling earth. Already president Trump is aware of the stable and orderly space environment, and the way is critical to the strength of the economy and also the resilience of our national security system. Pence recommends the development of national space council and the first comprehensive space traffic management policy, and we will soon be sending it to president Trump for approval.

Pence said that there are around 15,000 active satellites in the orbit as we are talking. There are also 10,000 dead satellites and spacecraft fragments in orbit today. When U.S military space surveillance network was making their tracks, they saw about 40,000 objects in space, and this included active satellites, debris, and defunct spacecraft. Commercial companies are continuing to send more satellites into the orbit, and soon the volume of the space traffic will also increase shortly.

Currently, there are two major space-debris events in the recent history. In the year 2007, China intentionally was able to destroy its Fengyun 1C weather satellite as part of an anti-satellite missile test and hence able to create a debris cloud in orbit. There was a collision between an American Iridium satellites and also a defunct Russian satellite spawned even more debris, and this happens in 2009. When Pence was addressing people, he mentioned 2009 satellite collision in his speech he said that the new space traffic management policy and aimed at safeguarding U.S assets in the space. The original plan will direct the department of commerce to provide a basic level of area situational awareness for public and private use. This is based on the space catalog compiled in the department of defense in order our military leaders will focus on protecting and defending U.S assets in the space.

Vice president Pence comes on the heel of the April 1 crash of China’s defunct Tiangong-1 space station and on April 2 the launch of a novel space-junk-cleanup experiment, and this is referred to as remove debris, and this will be testing several ways of cleaning up orbital debris. Once Trump signs this space traffic management policy, it will have to follow other major space initiatives by the trump administration.