Spaceflight is a heavyweight vehicle. Moreover it requires heavy cargo, payloads and even humans to carry a long distance into the space. For such a tough journey the engine of the vehicle must have a booster that will be capable enough to carry these materials or humans way up to the space. Therefore it is very crucial to develop an engine which will provide the necessary thrust to fuel the rocket to move upwards in tremendous speed.

Scientists who are working at the NASA’s Eagle works laboratories have been giving their best efforts to build such an engine. The name of such an engine is EmDrive. Through this engine a physics-defying contraption produces thrust by bouncing microwaves within a closed, cone-shaped cavity and no fuel is required for the same. It would represent that a Han Solo flying the Millennium Falcon simply by headbutting the dashboard present.

Previous to this situation this device came into the limelight in the year of 2016, when a secret report revealed that NASA is working on this technology. Now the Germans have established their EmDrive. They have done it to accomplish the goal of testing modern, innovative propulsion concepts and thereby find out if their vision would hit success.

In a recent conference the team has divulged the fact that the thrust is not being emitted from EmDrive but it is coming from the electromagnetic interaction. The team is being led by Martin Tajmar who is the head of the Technische University of Dresden. They inspected the drive in a vacuum chamber with large number of sensors as well as automated gizmos. Researchers said that they had full authority over the vibrations, thermal fluctuations, and other important sources of thrust. However they failed to protect the device against the magnetic field of the Earth.

In an attempt to know what is happening, they put on the system but lowered down the power and stopped the power from going into the real drive. As a result no microwaves were bouncing but the Emdrive still managed to create the thrust. After conducting this experiment researchers have come to the conclusion that the data that they came up with is the result of the Earth’s magnetic field that had been interacting with the power cables within the chamber.

These findings will put a negative impact on the EmDrive project. But Woodward is still not ready to put a stop to the situation on the contraption yet.