The year 2019 would be a big event for NASA has plans to return to the moon. The new contract is under the new Getaway program. The so-called Lunar Orbital Platform takes astronauts to a new level regarding studying the surface of the moon. It also offers the astronauts a chance of having the travels from Mars to Earth and vice versa easy. 

A few of the aims of the  pla1tofrm is for propulsion and equipment. It would take rise next year. The next plan is the habitation that is going to earn more learning and discoveries for NASA and the people of Earth. The rockets are planning for the voyage in the year 2022. It serves a turning point to the new expeditions in the red planet. 

The mission also includes a full orbit of the moon’s surface. Here, four astronauts would do the mission in 30 days. The launching is in 2025. The new exploration yields more insights to the past explorations in the moon. The information there is going to benefit more studies in the future. It would also serve as a preference for experts making studies about space explorations. 

The lunar platform sets new heights for NASA in discovering new land or surface on the moon. The previous explorations are great, and this one might be even greater. The advantage of the exploration rests in the six days voyage of the crew to the surface. It would be a bigger breakthrough as other things or discoveries are there. 

The plan also gives a much bigger understanding of the moon’s gravity. It is very different from the gravity here on earth. So, the missions reveal significant and additional insights about the matter. The thought of having future trips to the moon and on the red planet gives people hope of a bright world that is in space. The discoveries are amazing to see, and the facts are credible. 

In November, future studies under NASA is going to happen. The lunar platform is going to be a big help regarding the preparations and executing plans. The power system, being part of the studies is essential in making future travels happen on Mars or the moon. The Getaway trip would take part inside the Orion that is going on the special journey next year. It is one of the best to come to Earth under the Inia1tive and ideas of NASA.