According to a policy directive signed by the President of the United States, Donald Trump which required NASA to send astronauts to the moon, a draft was requested to be issued by the US commercial space industry to help NASA deliver the spacecraft to the moon. After NASA took this initiative, some may have thought that this particular mission to the moon will undermine its mission to the red planet that is Mars. However, Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator has stated that NASA had the agenda to launch a space mission to Mars. He also said both the space missions to Mars and the moon are supportive of each other.   

Returning to the moon will prove to be of a great use which will cater to the needs of the space mission to Mars; Jim Bridenstine has also told this. It will help in improving the landing system of the spacecraft, the space mission to the moon will enhance the habitation of the orbit and also the habitation of the surface of any planet. In fact, the information regarding the duration of the operators of the spacecraft that has life support will be improved and this, in turn, will help the Americans to land on the red planet.  

NASA’s mission to the moon known as the Mars 2020 rover is the size of a car, and it will help the researchers understand about the condition of the red planet. It is said to launch in the year 2020 in July or August. It can also collect data regarding the rocks and the soil available on the surface of the planet. A space company named Mars City Design has put forward ideas about developing an urban environment which will allow human beings to get settled on the red world. There are certain circumstances which have placed American in a race with China and Russia to be the first one to reach Mars. The chairman of the Senate commerce committee named Ted Cruz has stated that the Americans will be the first one to reach Mars. He is also of the opinion that this will help in restoring the leadership of America and this is very important to the entire country.  Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, is a congressman and also a Republican, whose nomination led to some controversies in the space-related field.