The NEOWISE mission of NASA continues to yield fruit as its latest video reveals thousands of asteroids in space. Since the first mission of NEOWISE in 2013, the discovery opens to 29,000 floating objects. The asteroids are on the main belt of Jupiter and Mars. There is a total of objects that are nearest to the Earth and some 130 comets. 

These are all according to the team handling the mission. 

According to Amy Mainzer, the principal investigator of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, the past missions of the NEOWISE is an essential way of expanding the knowledge and understanding of these foreign objects. The missions give them a bright understanding of the properties of the asteroids together with the idea of discovering the origin of the celestial objects. 

It is the major breaking point to the past studies of NASA. The 1,300 earth like discoveries gives a clear picture of the other things in space and the mystery of it. 

The spacecraft uses infrared light in performing its missions. It 2009, the discovery was on the survey of the sky together with a broad monitor. The mission was in a hibernation state in 2011. However, a mission in 2013 gives it another purpose of continuing its journey by discovering the huge mass of space rocks surrounding the Earth. 

The mission still proves to be a successful one. There are 2.5 million images from the year 2016 to 2017. The new images provide a new light to the wonders of space and other more discoveries of other objects. Here, people can see the future of spaceflights is becoming more successful all the time. There would be other missions shortly. 

The work and the duties of the mission also provide a strong impact on the discovery and clearer picture of the wonders of space. Here, there is a chance of seeing space in a different light as more Earth like objects are there in space. People awaits to see more fascinating images that a better information of the life outside earth It would lead to other incredible researches and studies that are going to be beneficial to the next generation. 

As of today, there the astronomers provide discovery of 18, 200 earth like celestial bodies. Astronomers are hoping to give more discoveries in the following years.  Furthermore, more plans of travelling and discovering are design to conquer space to achieve more worthy discoveries.