Kepler spacecraft of NASA has undergone too many experiences for the nine years of its journey. It has been hit by cosmic rays for several years and also undergone hundreds of major knockouts. Now for so many years it has covered a huge journey and has helped space industry in a huge manner. Now it is time for Kepler to reach the finish line and everybody will be proud of this hardy spacecraft which proved to highly beneficial to all the officials and space fans. It has been seen that the spacecraft will run on fuel recently.

History of Kepler

In the year of 2013, Kepler hit a major setback and fell aside from its foremost mission at a time when one of its second reaction wheels gave up and the spacecraft was no longer in a position to hold its steady position to provide the most important view of the planet. However, the spacecraft was duly allotted a new way of life by allowing it to consume the pressure of the sunlight so that it can execute it’s pointing activities.

It was reborn as “K2”. The new life that was given to the spacecraft allowed it to move its position around different portions of the earth in about every three months of time. This was a sort of campaign for the spacecraft. In the beginning, the team of Kepler has forecasted that the spacecraft would be able to complete only 10 campaign. But however, the steady ship has closed on 16 campaigns and now it is on its way to complete the 17th. The team feels that before the fuels end up, the spacecraft will have much more targets to fulfill keeping in mind its past performance.

Last Minutes preparation

In this situation, the Kepler is all set to accumulate as much data as possible before the ship heads back to touch down on the surface of the earth. In the absence of any gas gauge, it has become that much difficult for the team to remain afloat in the space and execute their work. But depending on the estimates, the team members are keen to collect as much scientific data as possible.

The situation is akin to when you should re-fuel our car. Should it be now or at the next station? For the team members and the spacecraft, there is no next station. So all efforts are now going to redirect the ship back to earth. Nevertheless, the team has assured to provide updates on relevant sciences knowledge and information.