The success of any project whether big or small is always your ability of staying focused to the call. It doesn’t matter the nature of your call, focus is the key to success. This has seen the success of NASA in many different projects and research they involve themselves in.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was first launched in 2005. This reconnaissance Orbiter carries the biggest high-gain antenna to have been sent to Mars for science downlinks and data relay. NASA has shifted their focus to collecting and bringing several rock samples back to earth. This feat is feared to cost a large fortune and leave very little money for other Mars-intended missions. It might also take long interfering with their other research.

Other than Mar Reconnaissance Orbiter which is abbreviated as MRO, there are no other Mars Orbiters with the same unique capabilities. These merge telecom relay and high-resolution mapping between earth and planet. This takes place on the Martian surface which is at a low orbit that is less than 200 miles in average (this is equal to 300 km) above the planet.

MRO at a glance

The Mars program is currently being regarded as a milestone mission. This was the message voiced out by Leslie Tamppari who is the deputy project scientist of MRO mission at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. She later added that they have been requested to remain alive up to 2027 for the sake of the Mars program and the science as well. This statement was however on a light note.

MRO was built by Lockheed Martin and was designed for a mission of up to five years originally when it first arrived at Mars in the year 2006. It was packed with gyroscopes and aging batteries which used to aid navigation and store electricity. This will have to be watched carefully in the upcoming years to ensure the mission runs smoothly. These batteries initially had a problem of charging to full capacity which will be taken care of as well.

MRO’s orbit will be shifted by NASA managers. The current MRO orbit passes over Mars’ sunlit side in mid-afternoon local time. There could never be other better time of starting up in this project than now. The team responsible is already up and ready to kick off with the task ahead of them which is the most important attitude for the success of any project.