At times when plans are made about dream spaceflights, different optimistic approaches are heard of. Sometimes it is from Elon Musk who shows vibrant pictures about the different missions that have been created to take people on a voyage to Mars. Again sometimes there has been some positive comments from the chief executive of Boeing, the company which has bagged the majority of the contracts from NASA regarding the transportation to Mars by humans. But eventually, all such programs seem to fall backward. At a recent conference, Dennis Muilenburg of Boeing showed much confidence regarding the fact that man will land on Mars pretty fast and that the first person who will be landing on the moon will be going in a Boeing rocket only.

This statement sounds very clichéd at this very moment. This is because of the fact that the increasing cost of Boeing’s rocket is a major concern for NASA. It will be absolutely impossible for NASA to allow the costs to escalate in such a manner. As a result, the current scenario shows that NASA has doubts about taking a man to Moon. In such a case traveling to Mars is really out of the question and many people think that it would remain a dream.

Although there has been a much fuss over the remarks of the Boeing chief still NASA has put an end to all speculations regarding its deep space exploration plans, particularly talks regarding an expedition to Mars. In an exclusive meeting at the NASA advisory council that was held in the month of March the topic was to discuss their plans for deep space rocket exploration. In this very meeting, NASA has decided that they are going to go about on this mission on a very flat budget and that no exception cost will be incurred recently.

In the year of 2013 & 2014, a team spent almost a year to find out how NASA would deal with this mission of sending a man to Mars, how it will handle the political pressure and the public pressure regarding this sensitive issue. They even tied to figure out the amount of cost involved and thereby the budget for funding such a rigorous mission. In their report, they have rightfully pointed out how difficult it would be for the NASA officials to execute this mission keeping in mind the political surroundings. They further emphasized that with a flat budget it would never be possible for NASA to finalize this project.