NASA has its two-day event on the USA Science and Engineering Festival that will deliver a space discovery and idea about the future of aviation that will happen on April 7 and 8, 2018 to its audience. The event will happen at Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

NASA plans to hold the availability of the media at 12:30 PM (EDT) on Friday as the event leads to its main course, with the acting technologist of the agency, Douglas Terrier, as well as with the other agency experts. Their presence is important as they will personally discuss the mission of NASA, which can be very inspiring to the youngsters of today’s generation. 

The exhibit of the agency will manifest the future of the human exploration on space, which will include the Orion Spacecraft and rocket’s Space Launch System. Aside from that, this display will also help inspire the young-generation girls to pursue a study and career in STEM, with the help of the agency’s partner, American Girl. 

On this two-day event, the visitors have the liberty to come to the interactive and informative exhibition of NASA at the booth #5509 found in the Space Exploration Pavilion at the Hall E. From there, the festival guests will be able to learn the Mars, view the universe with the help of Hubble’s lens, know the gamma rays and X-rays and know how they all begin, know the Sun and the stars of Milky Way, have a Lunar exploration, know how to live and work on the International Space Station, and much more exciting things.

On Saturday, at the first day of the event, the secondary level students can have a chance to get an interview session with the experts and staff of NASA. They can only do this from 1:00 PM to 1:50 PM at the Career Pavilion. They can ask anything regarding the expert’s works, as well as the challenges encountered over the profession. On the last of the event, Jessica Mier, NASA’s astronaut will be on Stage E at 11:00 AM to talk about what kind of life the astronaut and scientists have.

The exhibit will also feature the engineer and scientists, who will present a fast-paced and TED-style talk with different titles and topics that will surely draw the audience’ attention. This will help everyone get important ideas about the universe, as well as know the technology NASA used in studying the space above us.