The second-best currency Ethereum had a terrible path when the market crash ravaged thru prices of other currencies. Nevertheless, it was able to recover and be back on its original position. It seems that it has made it get over some losses and start trading in the green again. 

Who would have ever thought that the cryptocurrency would be involved in NASA? The agency uses Ethereum to transform its space navigation and communication into a more effective one. Because of that involvement, a lot of people become much interested to find out more information. Take a look below. 

Every day we see how cryptocurrencies cross the gap between digital assets and blockchain technology. For such cases, Ethereum has been included. Its technology has been used to reach the most real-life requirements, especially to meet the requirement of developing an impressive way of communication as well as space navigation. 

NASA has decided that they will be implementing the Ethereum technology to improve communication and make space navigation much easy. Even though there are other available currencies such as IOTA (charging station for some electric vehicles) and Ripple (various banking systems), the agency is finding its way to the crypto asset real use. This integration could be considered the most significant one in the history. 

The NASA’s use of Etherium shows that the blockchain technology has a better future to be accepted and adopted by other organizations and institutions around the world. 

The agency met the cryptocurrency thru the statement from the University of Akron, stating that their computer engineering and the electrical department received a grant up to 300.000 dollars, which will be utilized for the improvement of space technology in navigation and communication. 

The head of the department at the University Jin Kocsis said that the idea behind the project is to change and develop how missions on space are done. That would be possible thru spacecraft development to send and receive data more easily. The blockchain technology in the cryptocurrency could exceed all these requirements. 

Kocsis also added that her entire team would further test the Ethereum technology to identify the right solution for the project, which is a great opportunity to put an end to the gap between the traditional technology and the blockchain-based protocols. 

The time that NASA and the University of Akron mentioned the cryptocurrency as the blockchain technology of their option, Ethereum has been creating a buzz throughout the market.