The most awaited launch of NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) last April 16, was delayed due to a spacecraft’s rocket ride known as the SpaceX Falcon 9. With this, the excitement for the Exoplanet continues. However, the said Exoplanet will be launched today, April 18 around 6:51 PM. SpaceX will be unveiled on a Falcon 9 into the Earth’s elliptical orbit.       

Furthermore, TESS mission is to identify the planets that range from Earth-sized gas giants through the use of various telescopes. In addition to that, TESS also designs the launch in order to discover alien planets that orbit around the sun. Meanwhile, to mention one, among the telescopes that will be used include the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s $8.8 billion. The latter is about to lift in May 2020. Webb targets biosignatures like methane and oxygen. 

TESS will use the transit method in discovering exoplanets.  In this method, tiny disks in brightness will be noticed from the perspective of the telescope. On the other hand, when it comes to launching viewing, the Kennedy Space Center Complex offers limited spots for remaining Launch Transportation and Viewing Tickets. For those who are interested can check ticket by calling 1.855.433.4210 around 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can also go to the front gate upon your arrival for more information. 

Aside from the launch of NASA’s Exoplanet Hunter, TESS will also have its exhibit show. 

  • TESS Station. You can catch the TESS transit interactive science demonstration. Here, you can have the chance to learn from NASA subject matter experts. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the TESS giveaways. 
  • Transit Station. You can experience a hands-on TESS demonstration and learn how to identify transiting exoplanets. 
  • TESS Coloring Station. If you are fond of space features, you should try the TESS Coloring Station. These are specifically designed for kids who want to be space explorers in the future. Kids can also bring home their coloring books.
  • ABCs of Exoplanets Station. With the use of iPads and other handheld devices, you can learn the basics about exoplanets. You can also take home the giveaways from NASA. 

During the NASA’s launch of Exoplanet Hunter, you can enjoy a 3D 4K presentation at the Universe Theater. For sure, space explorers and space lovers will enjoy the said launch. Since exoplanets are very hard to see, NASA will use the best telescopes to detect exoplanets.