Technology has brought us close to each other all around the world. NASA has brought in a lot of innovations and technology upliftment by sending high technology driven aircraft into space, developing high-end satellite into the orbit. NASA has tried to help us in many ways by developing science and technology. In its latest innovation, a mobile app has been developed by the Jet Propulsion Lab that is situated in NASA California.

This mobile app has mainly been developed to provide the same benefits and experience to the mobile users and make them aware what is evolving around the space industry.

Details of the mobile app

The name of this new and latest mobile app is Spacecraft AR. As far as the technology is concerned, this mobile app uses the utmost advanced scientific technology which converts the model into 3D virtual in respect of the NASA’s various spacecraft and other launches or satellites that are launched into space. Currently, the app is using the AR technology which helps in bringing out the 3D version of the different models launched by NASA. Initially, the app is working on the android version. But in the near future NASA has plans to develop the app further so that this app can support other operating devices as well such as iOS devices.

In order to give a virtual experience of the various spacecraft that NASA is launching and to create an outer space experience, Spacecraft AR has innovated a new 3D model which is a higher version of the previously launched version which was known as Spacecraft 3D. Users who were accustomed to the previous version will know that the previous version used a printed image which was known as the marker or sometimes even recalled as the target. However, the new version of the mobile app which is called as the Spacecraft AR is being based on the flat surface which does not require any target.

Benefits of the mobile app

Kevin Hussey, manager of Visualization team of NASA, has assured of the fact that this mobile app would surely provide the excitement and the experience of the robotic version of NASA. He further added that they are pretty sure that the users of this app will surely like the existing features of this app and this will surely encourage them further to bring in more features and advanced technology.