The 1960’s is the Golden Age of NASA, and many things are coming since that. Since the launch of the Apollo mission, many things are part of the reinvention of NASA. A few of these are the wide competition of the other nations when it comes to space missions and leadership. There are the funding cuts to the company regarding the projects and missions it has. 

It also has changed in its operating ambiance due to the rising of the commercial space. It fosters a new way when it comes to the many important operations, projects and plans happening outside and inside the station. 

The reinvention offers a big leap to ways thing needs to function. It is a clear indication that there is an adaptive way of fulfilling the gaps made in the past and coming years. It is the strategic agility of the station to rise above the competition and provide more plans for humanity. Here, people see not only a greater change but also a form of development regarding technology and space travels. 

According to recent reports, the Commercial Space Launch Act enables NASA to make more missions in space. It results in a more high tech way of planning and operating each mission to the success of NASA and other astronomers. The space flight missions prove to be a success during the past decades. Here, change is the refection of excellence as NASA creates more missions that are capable of changing the world’s view of space.

The past missions include orbiting the moon, sending astronauts into space and planning future trips to the Red Planet. These missions still prove relevant today as the wide approach from the masses is always present. 

There are also recent changes that affect the mode of the planning of the missions of NASA. The gradual impact is proven in the changing approach of NASA to utilize effective apace missions. There is always a reason for the improvement, and the development of new space vehicles is only of few of these drastic changes. 

Today, recent developments in NASA are gearing up to adapt to the changing commercial space. The advancement in technology and space studies give NASA a boost to create more plans that satisfy future research and the needs of the people. 

The reinvention process takes time but assures achieving different goals, taking space strategies at hand, cultural values and working with outside partners. It is a big help for the growing demand for space exploration and other future mission to the moon or in Mars.