NASA hard work in digital communication has made it be acknowledged with a nomination for six Webby awards. This is the highest glory for online communications. Its efforts in the research on the information about the solar eclipse and the passing of one of its most victorious planetary project made 2017 the best year for them.

The six nomination award include

  1. The creation of the Exoplanet exploration whereby they are planning to the space to look for other planets that may exist.
  2. NASA’s plans to look at climate change caused by a greenhouse.
  3. Government website and civil science
  4. Information and marketing
  5. NASA solar system exploration: every day passionate men and women are making discoveries. 
  6. NASA JPL social Media: JPL is a blog which NASA is using to inform the public about various launched. Social media like twitter, facebook, and YouTube is also in use.

It is not the first time that NASA is getting these nominations. Over the past year, NASA has won the award in a different award for their websites. In the line of communication, it has always set a high standard for online communication, especially in the government agencies. Due to this Webby awards for the year 2003, 2012, and 2014 was awarded to them.

The site gets 35,000 visitors online. Streaming live every news that awakes the interest of the public. The live coverage of the solar eclipse made the site have 40 million people sitting to watch the TV and other platforms as the event goes unfold.

NASA’s social platform is not just for bringing new discoveries, but they are aimed at interacting with the people through their educative content. Their mission is for the people to engage and understand their information easily. They have 525 social media accounts on 18 platforms. Its Twitter account has 29 million followers making it the top overall account on the platform. NASA’s Instagram page has 31 million followers and is currently in the top 50 account with the most followers.

Webby award was founded in the year 1996 and it was set to honor successful agencies on the internet, including educative websites, online filming, and video, advertising among other. This clearly shows that NASA deals in many innovations in different fields. They use their knowledge in Studying, discovering, content giving through their websites and analyzing the occurrences in the space.