NASA’s Boeing’s first crewed flight all the way to the International Space Station will take longer than the planned period of time. The mission may also include extra crew member to have a long ride too. The Starliner vehicle of the company is expected to take the astronauts of NASA to the ISS for the very first time this year and will be in space for a couple of weeks.

The Space agency is also considering the extension of the voyage for the next six months. And instead of sending two persons on the spacecraft, the space agency decided to send a third astronaut to be added to the group as well. The addition of astronaut will complete the first crewed trip of the Starliner which was planned to be a test flight only. As part of the NASA’s Crew Program, both the SpaceX and Boeing have developed their private vehicles to transport most of their astronauts from back and forth to the ISS. Before these companies conduct the test flight ad their full mission to space, NASA aims to conduct their space flight to the ISS first. The test flight will be done in two types: one with a crew and the other one without a people on it.

The full operation of the mission is expected to last for several months and will have a crew on board. Now, the flight crewed by Boeing is looking for more mission and the Starliners Space Agency is qualified to conduct their mission. NASA is relying on its Commercial Crew partners to take all of their astronauts from coming back and forth to the International Space Station.

A longer test of the mission is expected to be done by NASA for the next months. According to NASA, this could lead to a more microgravity research and maintenance to the ISS. However, Boeing is said to be prepared for the change. Although there are some concerns regarding the support of the month-long missions of the Boeing and SpaceX, these two giant companies are still certified for the crew missions this year. After the test was done, this could take for about six months before these companies are ready to start their space missions again. Chances that some of the space missions will be delayed too. However, by turning the Boeing’s mission into their full mission, the NASA hopes to take all the potential gaps in accessing to the International Space Station.