Having the opportunity to have a short glimpse at the NASA’s facility is a dream come true. Inside, you will be able to see the operation and how the staffs work, just like in a movie. To give this kind of chance, NASA invited the media to go inside its Clean Room found at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. 

In the Clean Room, the satellites are carefully prepared several weeks before they lift themselves off in space for launching schedule. The Press Accreditation Office was the unassuming building that can be located few miles outside the KSC gates. It is a convenient location for any gathering comprised of large numbers of people, who want to avoid the hassle brought by traffic congestion. This place is really a perfect spot to gather, especially for the media personnel. 

From there, media people had seen the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) that contains four cameras, which is used not only to take images of the sky but also detect the planets near the stars. The media had passed the K-9 unit stiff test for security and boarded to NASA bus to go to some parts of Kennedy Space Center and then head to Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility. 

The media are escorted to the conference rooms separated from building with Clean Room. On the wall, they have witnessed the high-resolution images of the universe. The TESS Principal Investigator had started the discussion about the satellites and NASA’s mission. TESS has its impressive features, with four high-resolution cameras that are custom made, the extra lens element, large sensors, and much more. 

Going to the Clean Room, the media personnel also seen the TESS there. The room is drenched in disorienting lighting orange sodium color, a nightmare for the photography but TESS has its own protected ET-style clean area under the bright lights like the lights created by fluorescent. 

The media people have also interviewed the satellite experts and have them photographed while working. The spacecraft there had seen to be small and there are lots of room remains in the fairing of Falcon 9. 

The media people have witnessed several operations, technologies and processes of NASA on its Clean Room and other areas. This is an incredible experience for all of them. After exploring the Clean Room, the media personnel is brought back to the Accreditation Office for a wrap-up.