NASA is all set to announce its major project of setting up nuclear power within space. The name which has been given to the project is “Kilopower”. It is considered as a project which will allow the nuclear reactor to bring about clean energy on Mars, Moon and even beyond that. Now it has all the plans to hold a press conference to disclose all the latest information about the different experiments that have come up from its mission of nuclear space exploration. The agency in its latest press release has said it will unfold all the latest developments that have come up from this long run mission. This experiment is being conducted from November 2017 until the end of March 18, which is being held at the Nevada National Security Site or which is popularly known as NNSS.

This particular site has been used for a long duration for the purpose of nuclear testing. One of the major examples of the nuclear experiment that had been conducted was the detonating process of the nuclear bombs that was felt across the state and also into the city of Las Vegas. It was considered as a major expedition.

In a similar fashion, NASA expects that the Kilopower will also be capable of using the same nuclear technology and power so that the same amount of energy is generated which can be used by the space explorers on their way to the solar system. This energy will be consumed by the space explorers for a varied number of tasks. These tasks will include generating light, oxygen as well as water. These elements will be required to send valuable information back to earth. This is the prime reason why NASA is focusing on developing Kilopwer which will be widely used for generating safe and valuable energy which will make the space exploration process smooth and efficient.

This Kilopower will be able to generate power up to a magnitude of 10 kilowatts of electrical energy, which is quite sufficient to run two households, for a period spanning over 10 long years.

This quantum of energy will allow the astronauts to execute their work wherever they are. For instance, if people are on Mars, the amount of such strong energy coming from the sun will hugely vary.

The main objective of NASA here will be to develop a huge power source that will be capable of handling extreme environments.