Scientists have confirmed the fact that they are very curious over the mud cracks that have formed over the surface of the earth. They have dealt with this situation very deeply. After analyzing the whole situation, scientists have confirmed the fact that the main reason behind the mud cracks that have formed is due to the flow of water that went through the surface of the Mars. This situation has been confirmed by the Curiosity rover of the space agency, which has been trying to investigate into the matter for a long time and had kept close watch over the developments. It is because of this close watch the rover was successful in delivering these high rated pictures.

The situation in details

Now, we can delve into the details of the situation as to know how the cracks have widened up. TO start with these fractures were identified in the previous year of 2017. At that time the nuclear-powered robot was all busy for the purpose of taking pictures of the very famous Gale Crater. It is a place which is supposed to cover an area of 154 kilometers which is equivalent to 96 miles. It is thought to be a 3.5 billion-year-old lake which has now totally dried up.

The scientists have revealed the fact that this particular machine was given the instruction to keep a close track on a so-called coffee-table-size rock known as the Old Soaker. The images which have come across shows that the formation had riddled lines. The matter has been further supported by Nathaniel Stein. He is a Geologist at the University of California and has made the statement that after scrutinizing the pictures it is confirmed that the cracks that have appeared are mud cracks. He further added that the cracks had formed when the moisture evaporated into the atmosphere as usual. To confirm the fact a picture of the situation was published in the journal named Geology at an earlier phase of this week.

According to the sources, it will easier to understand the fact that how the levels of the water have changed over the period of time in the ancient lake. Since the mud cracks are mainly concentrated in the center of the crater, it will make the study that much easier.

Mr. Stein has further added that the cracks show the lake that has formed inside the Gale Crater has undergone the same cycles that appear on the earth.