Celebrating NASA’s 60th anniversary earlier in this month at The Kennedy Space Center, Washington, D.C., space enthusiasts and music lovers alike enjoyed the evening when Grace Potter struck a chord with them as she performed with the NSO (National Symphony Orchestra) Pops. 

Potter, who is a Grammy-nominated recording artist and has charming stage presence, was asked by NASA to perform as a part of – NOS Pops: Space, the Next Frontier. NSO Pops is a musical series where the NSO along with guests like Coheed, Cambria, and Potter celebrated NASA’s anniversary occasion by performing pieces that have been inspired by space and science fictions. 

Potter through her scintillating performance of ‘Look What We Have Become,’ where her voice soared out of the orchestra and her vocal prowess and her passion reflected in her performance, honored the women in space and science with her heartfelt performance on stage. 

Back in 2016, Potter was invited by NASA at the Johnson Space Center, in Houston to collaborate for the music video of ‘Look What We Have Become.’ The video song emphasized the women of NASA and their valuable contributions in the field of science, engineering, spaceflight, and aerospace. Potter performed the song at the anniversary event as it honors women in the field of science and space. In the video performance, it was evident that she is equally comfortable performing with the orchestra as equally performing on the stage with a rock band. Her voice was as striking as her effortless powers. 

Shaped over the hard work by women at NASA in the past, present and would be in future, the lyrics of the song was written to empower and inspire the future generation of women in the field of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). The song quotes – “And They Always Told Us We Would Be Nothing, But Look What We’ve Done……And They Always Told Us We would Be Nothing, But Look What We’ve Become”.

It has been for years now; Potter has been supporting space and its science efforts. Along with managing and handling the Instagram ‘Space Potter’ account, in which she has been posting science and space imageries, she has been talking about the news of space on stage. Potter even in her conversation with Space.com in 2015, mentioned how space have been influencing her and her music.