In a grand ceremony, two Veteran Astronauts, Thomas Jones, and Scott Altman were honored with the hall of fame award. The ceremony took place below the Space Shuttle Atlantis located at the Kennedy Space Station. Both the astronauts have made an outstanding contribution to NASA for the purpose of space exploration and new inventions and discoveries. With them, the total number of astronauts who are being inducted into the Hall of Fame has risen to 97.

Some of the renowned personalities had turned up to felicitate Dr.Jones as well as Captain Altman. These personalities included Curt Brow who is the Board Chairman of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, Therrien Protze who is the Chief Operating Officer of Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex and Kelvin Manning. In order to grace the occasion, more than 15 astronauts who were earlier inducted into the hall of fame were also present. Some of them who were present included Walt Cunningham, Robert Crippen, Story Musgrave, Robert Gibson, Jeffrey Hoffman, Jerry Ross, Ellen Ochoa, John Grunsfeld and Kent Rominger as so on.

Contributions in details

The contribution made by Dr. Jones for the various space programs in his career spanning for almost 11 years for NASA has been quite astonishing. During his career at NASA, he went to Earth’s orbit four times. This person has been a graduate of the Air Force Institute and he was also a B-52 bomber pilot. Mr. Jones started working in NASA from the year of 1990. He was a key man during the execution of STS-59, which was the foremost flight Space Radar Laboratory. He was also a payload commander for the purpose of the SRL-2 mission and also for STS-68 for the same year.

He has also penned down books related to aviation as well as space. At the same time has also shared his valuable experience with the CIA to further the scope of space exploration.

On the other hand, Captain Altman was a very famous fighter pilot. He was quite a known figure for his acrobatic flights that was showcased in the movie of “Top Gun”. NASA had selected him in the year of 1995. He was highly experienced in the form of a Naval Captain which ultimately helped him to bag the jobs of flying the first two shuttle planes while he worked as a commander for the last two missions. In 1998 he even worked in the form of a pilot in Columbia at the time of STS-90 of the Neuro Lab mission.