Soyuz MS-05 finally reached International Space Station after lasting six hours space journey with three crew members inside: Commander Sergey Ryazansky (Roscosmos), Flight Engineer 1 Paolo Nespoli (ESA, Italy) and Flight Engineer 2 Randy Bresnik (NASA).

Soyuz-FG with MS-05 vehicle was rolled out on July 26 from assembly facility to Launch Pad 1 Gagarin’s Start. As usual crew members were preparing to mission at Baikonur facility and woke up today eight hours before launch. Fueling of the rocket begun in the morning hours as launch was planned for 15:41 UTC. Crew led by Sergey Ryazansky entered Soyuz spacecraft at 14:03 UTC. They took their places with Commander in the center (Randy Bresnik took left seat, Paolo Nespoli took place on the right side of Sergey Ryazansky), checked vehicle subsystems and prepared for sealing the hatch. At 15:05 UTC three retracting towers were released and moved away from Soyuz. At T-30′ rescue system was armed. Eight minutes later Sokol suits which were worn by crew members were sealed and pressurized, belts were secured and fastened and trio closed their visors at T-9′. Five minutes earlier telemetry data system was initialized. At T-1′ Soyuz was switched to its internal power and punctually at 15:42 UTC rocket started to raise over Baikonur.

After 2’10” of flight four boosters separated from the core of the Soyuz-FG. Fifty seconds later emergency rescue system was jettisoned along with shroud covering Soyuz spacecraft; at T+5′ core stage powered by RD-180 engine was cut off and separated on the altitude of 170 km. Upper stage ignited its RD-110 engine and continue flight to orbit. At T+9′ capsule with crew members inside separated from the upper stage. At 15:54 UTC NASA confirmed that solar panels were deployed and Soyuz started its space journey to ISS.

At 19:48 UTC Soyuz begun its rendezvous using its Kurs onboard computer. At 21:27 UTC it was 3.2 km from the station keeping correct course to perform docking scheduled for 22:00 UTC. At 21:39 UTC it reached distance of 350 m and begun its flyby maneuver and one minute later it lined itself with Rassvet module. Four minutes later flyby was over and at 21:47 UTC Soyuz was on final approach 65 m from Rassvet. At 23:51 vehicle was 21 m from International Space Station. At 21:54 UTC Soyuz docked to Rassvet with commander Sergey Ryazanskiy, NASA flight engineer Randy Bresnik and European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli 405 km over Germany. Docking probe of the Soyuz was retracted and closed hooks and latches to seal the joint between Rassvet and Soyuz. After leak tests crew members will enter the Station within following hours.