Who has the ownership for the moon? Can any human have it? One such incident has happened in the US. A lady has sued NASA for keeping the dust from Moon with her.  Laura Cicco has assertively claimed that Neil Armstrong gave her the dust as a gift. However, NASA has not asked her to return the dust but she is ready if NASA does so. She has declared her ownership of the grey dust kept in a vial. The dust may be from the moon or Neil may have just played a prank, but whatever the truth is the dust is flying dust from an expedition completed decades ago. Neil was a friend of her father since both served US Army Air Corps. They worked for the Federal Aviation Administration and had a membership in the Aviation group called – The Quiet Birdmen. 

Laura does have in her acquisition the dust as well as the letter Neil had addressed to her. Laura’s insecurity for the dust is an outcome of NASA’s repeated attempts to regain the possession of lunar artifacts. In 2011, Joann Davis was in a dire need of money, for his son’s medical care. He tried to sell off a piece of moon rock she had. But she was targeted by federal agents and got detained for and it was suspected that she acquired the rock through illegal methods. Though it never was proved, she was not charged but had a settlement of $100,000 to make. 

For NASA lunar material if in private hands mean they were stolen, as per Cicco. However, the attorney of Cicco – Christopher McHugh declared to the Washington Post that Laura need not worry. There is nothing she should be afraid of. She did not take the dust from somewhere it belonged. The dust was a gift to her and belongs with her.  NASA cannot take away from her what is her own. 

A piece of rock or bare dust means too much when it is from a place other than the earth. It is important for NASA as they can perform research using the same, but if this was the case, an astronaut as good as Neil Armstrong would not have given it to the lady. When evidence is asked, to prove that you are the owner of a car, you do have the papers to show, but for a gift that too which can’t be purchased, how would anybody give an evidence of their ownership?